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You agree to check this document from time to time to review any new rule changes that Dragon's Eye may have made.

You further agree to read carefully Furcadia's Terms of Service located here.

If you decide not to use the Silence Rule, this is considered to be a decision on your part to continue to interact verbally with the other individual, and also to constitute permission for them to continue speaking to you (however, it does not constitute permission to continue harassing you).

Furcadia staff or the Guardians will not interfere with ejections or Dream-specific banishments decided on by Dream owners. OOC speech and actions must be kept to whispers on designated IC main maps, such as Goldwyn and Theriopolis. In freeform role-playing, when someone says or poses something that imposes a result on your character, or states or implies that you have done something specific, you may choose to proceed as if that thing never happened to you. If you are playing in a Dream that has its own combat system or other sets of rules, however, you are expected to do your best to play along with those rules while you are in that Dream.