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” Snyder also noted that even though he will be paying those premiums every month, he still won’t be covered for dental or vision insurance.

Separately, he said, he will be succeeded by Jennifer Spoeri, his assistant director.

Effective April 1, 2012, CMS will no longer publish a Mutually Exclusive edit file on its website for either practitioner or outpatient hospital services since all active and deleted edits will appear in the single Column One/Column Two Correct Coding edit file on each website.

The edits previously contained in the Mutually Exclusive edit file were NOT deleted but were moved to the Column One/Column Two Correct Coding edit file.

Since 1996 the Medicare NCCI procedure to procedure (PTP) edits have been assigned to either the Column One/Column Two Correct Coding edit file or the Mutually Exclusive edit file based on the criterion for each edit.

The Mutually Exclusive edit file included edits where two procedures could not be performed at the same patient encounter because the two procedures were mutually exclusive based on anatomic, temporal, or gender considerations.

“I’m leaving this job – but not my career,” Snyder added.

“I’ll still be running the Philadelphia Financial Exploitation Task Force through 2018 and doing expert consulting.” As for Medicare, “It can be maddening if you do it alone.

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So Snyder made an appointment with a Medicare counselor at the nonprofit CARIE, the Center for Advocacy for the Rights & Interests of the Elderly.for Aging, retired at the end of 2017; the death of his best friend, Cecil Green, prompted him to stop working.