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See full summary » The plot is about having no plot at all.

Pointless dialog makes you wonder how long this boring movie will take.

The first encounter between Heitor & Julis takes place at a show by an experimental theatre company.

In its way, The Milky Way can also be called an experimental and non conventional movie for those who are looking for something a little off the mainstream track of films.

In São Paulo, the lonely forty and something year-old guitar teacher Baby lives a tedious life in a low middle-class apartment and is addicted in her only companion, the cigarettes. See full summary » A pawn shop proprietor buys used goods from desperate locals--as much to play perverse power games as for his own livelihood, but when the perfect rump and a backed-up toilet enter his life, he loses all control.

The life and times of Cazuza, Brazilian singer/poet/enfant terrible, from his start with rock group "Barão Vermelho", to his death from Aids, in 1990, showing his career, love affairs, and involvement with drugs.

In São Paulo, the scheme of the corrupt DA Júlia and her mate, the lawyer Henrique with the gangster Maicom is discovered and sent to the Internal Affairs. See full summary » Boy tries to help his uncle, guilty of a murder case, to prove his innocence.

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See full summary » In tropical Recife, in northeastern Brazil, temperatures drop to impossible lows and the inhabitants have to adapt.