Scott speedman and teresa palmer dating

21-Jan-2016 06:25

There probably are ones but they have yet to be released. According to anon sources there is probably (unfortunately) no gay hack. It's supposedly highly looked down on to be a gay hacker especially over at 4chan and theres a lot of prejudice and ridicule apparently. I think that r50's post explains why there are no gay photos.

The link at r40 is to a png file, not a live link to the 4chan page. I initially thought that there was one gigantic hack of tons of ICloud accounts, and had assumed that naturally there were gay/male nudes in the lot.

There's a lot of talk about the facial shots; it's obviously her, so to deny it is pointless.

In some of the pictures she looks bewildered and drunk, in others she looks quite aware of what's going on. In the pics of her on the white couch, it definitely seems like the person taking the pics is telling her what to do.

It seems the crisis managers at 4chan have been very busy this weekend.

Jennifer Lawrence is obviously the biggest celebrity caught with her pants down, so to speak.

perhaps they were doing it cause they figured out they could and so were just trading and swapping with each other what they bagged...

sort of a skeevy geek hunting competition that was never intended to turn into this or b) they're scared shitless and now it's every skeevy geek for himself."they're scared shitless and now it's every skeevy geek for himself"That would be my guess.

Hacker nerds usually believe they're cleverer than anyone else and that they're absolute masters of their own little universe, and now the police and some very expensive lawyers are after them.Is it because he exposed the hacking ring and the website?Now that people are aware of the auto cloud back ups they'll be changing their settings, plus Apple is tightening security. I'd guess a) there was a curious honor among the thieves...For the first time in my life, I totally believe these pictures were hacked and not deliberately leaked.

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Because there's no way America's Sweetheart would agree to share her public heartbreak with a bunch of B and C-listers.You mean to tell me they haven't taken racy selfies on their phones? My rambling point is I'm wondering about security methods, if bigger stars have phones that are somehow harder to trace on Find APhone or ICloud by being under fake accounts, manager's names etc for greater privacy. No really big names.[quote]Where's Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, Gisele, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson to name a few. Halle Berry, age 48 Heidi Klum age 41 Gisele Budchen, age 34 Miranda Kerry, age 31 Kate Hudson, age 35They're probably grown ups.[quote] saw in that article that the guy suspected of posting these was outed by and getting harassed by other 4channers.

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