State of nj sex offenders website

28-Dec-2016 11:57

Second, they should not apply the statute retroactively because doing so would violate due process.

In New Jersey, Megan's Law already provides information about local sex offenders to people deemed to need it.

Unfortunately, the legislators did not want to spare the state years of costly litigation and get their website up ASAP by making these two adjustments.Then came mandatory registration with police after offenders finish their sentences.And then New Jersey gave birth to the mother of all attacks on convicted sex offenders, community notification. After an offender has finished his sentence, police inform people who live nearby the former offender's residence of his presence.Attacking a stable family unit by publicizing this information puts a substantial pressure on former offenders and their families.

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We have heard from countless individuals who have lost their homes or jobs because of notification and whose families have been harassed by neighbors who do not want them living nearby.

How can we expect sex offenders to start a new life if the stigma and fallout from notification jeopardizes so much?