What is the base system for dating

04-Dec-2016 14:47

The next column is the ten-times-ten-times-ten, or thousands, column.

And so forth, with each bigger column being ten times larger than the one before.

Instead, when we need to count to one more than nine, we zero out the ones column and add one to the tens column.

When we get too big in the tens column -- when we need one more than nine tens and nine ones (""), we zero out the tens and ones columns, and add one to the ten-times-ten, or hundreds, column.

She insisted that, no, she didn't, since men don't have "second base" above the waist ours must instead be below.

I insist she did in fact go to third base, thus signalling that our playtime had entered a whole new level.

In the midst our our play, she reached first for the nether regions.

When we reviewed this later, I said she went for "third base" first.

That is, if you're "playing" in the minors, your bases would refer to the bolded list above.

And (nearly) every civilization has used base-ten math probably for the simple reason that we have ten fingers.

If instead we lived in a cartoon world, where we would have only four fingers on each hand (count them next time you're watching TV or reading the comics), then the "natural" base system would likely have been base-eight, or "octal".

"Bases" used by teen girls and as understood by teen boys is as follows. your car, arm, jacket, the burger you just bought her, her hair, breathes, etc) it means she wants to have sex with you. I generally judge the bases as to what the guy is doing to the girl.

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Even in highschool, we all have different definitions of the bases. Originally posted by Knead To Know I enjoy the quote, "Whoever named it 'necking' was a poor judge of anatomy." Kid: We're just necking! Well, put your neck back in your pants and go home.

Converting between different number bases is actually fairly simple, but the thinking behind it can seem a bit confusing at first.

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