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Cassie later discovers that she possesses dangerous powers, and is being ...

When she discovers clues to her mother's identity in Point Pleasant she decides to stick around, unknowingly fulfilling a prophecy that the great war between heaven and hell will begin in the town.

Behind the falls, you can now see a man-made grotto, tricked out with a wet bar, illuminated wading pools, flatscreen TVs and a dozen other details that take time to register fully.

Are those iron torches, affixed to the grotto's interior walls, belching flames? Is that a pair of majestic elk, fashioned from stone, standing sentinel up top?

His disobedient daughter, Marie, is played by Shirley Henderson, while Cheryl Campbell, Matthew Macfadyen and Paloma Baeza bring to life the aristocratic but impoverished Carbury family. Likewise, Paul lists Los Angeles as one of the places where the railroad company is being capitalized.

Los Angeles then was a lawless town of about 4500, not the sort of place where a major investment project is likely to be underwritten.

See more » This adaptation of the novel is dramatic and exciting, whilst there is just a hint of humour.

In order to get closer to Lee Hong, Agent 47 has to play the Red Dragon Triad against the Blue Lotus Triad.… continue reading »

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During Carrie and Big's lunch at Eleven Madison Park, the second couple to be sitting behind Carrie (an hour into the lunch) the woman's salad appears, disappears, gets served, disappears, etc.… continue reading »

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