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I would like to do this for Comments:prefer authors that know the difference between to, too and two; their and there; singular person and plural: in other words use good grammar.

While I normally use Australian English, I can set spelling to US if using Word documents. My aim is to make the story a better, more enjoyable experience. Comments: Proofreading with limited grammar correction-looking more to ease of reading than school-proper.

Credentials: Graduated as an engineer but took writing classes.

After graduation for a period of three years I was a lead-man of six technical editors.

while doing this I've edited the stories as well, sometimes for grammer, spelling, and sometimes for readability.... As a young officer I was injured in a firefight some 15 years ago luckily escaped with only a little limp due to a nerve injury and have seen lots of action. Don't know what type of software is required but willing to purchase (within reason) any that would be required.

Credentials: Married (50 yrs.),blue coller male,70 yr. Willing to build a relationship as an editor then maybe do some fledgling attempts as a writer.

I shall no longer accept editing assignments from new authors (victims? Credentials: College graduate with life long business experience.

I have been involved in taxes and bookkeeping as my second career and have taken over the duty of being the designated person to write IRS letters and responses to probate interrogatives.

I taught for 6 1/2 years on a Bachelors Level with a 98% retention rating.

_smb2004Comments: Australian, male, born 1953, ex defense force, I have a B/Sc.